Chief of the State Migration Service Firudin Nabiyev received Directors’ Board’s officials of TUSIAB

On April 19, 2012 chief of the State Migration Service, III rank state migration service counselor Firudin Nabiyev received delegation headed by Murat Bakir, chairman of Directors’ Board of Azerbaijan International Society of Turkish Industrialists and Businessmen.

During the meeting Service chief Firudin Nabiyev emphasized that the legislation in migration sphere has been improved in compliance with international norms and requirements of modern period and foreigners and stateless persons, including Turkish nationals are granted relevant permissions to reside legally and carry out labor activity in the territory of the country.

Congratulating the Service chief on his new appointment Chairman of the Board of Directors Murat Bakir gave information about The Society operating in Azerbaijan more than 18 years and possessing over 300 member companies and stated that they have always been surrounded with care. He also notified that alongside with supporting economic, political and cultural development of Azerbaijan, they continued the task of being economic bridge between two friendly countries with responsibility.

Deputy Chair of AISTIB Board of Directors M. Ihsan Ongun and AISTIB Secretary General Yasin Goral participated in the meeting as well.

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