Officials of Directors’ Board of Azerbaijan Turkey Business Association (ATBA) have been at the State Migration Service

On April 3, 2012 chief of the State Migration Service of Azerbaijan Republic, III rank state migration service counselor Firudin Nabiyev received delegation headed by Cemal Yangin, chairman of Directors’ Board of Azerbaijan Turkey Business Association (ATBA).

During the meeting Service chief Firudin Nabiyev stated that legislation of Azerbaijan Republic has been improved, state control over regulation and management of migration has been strengthened.

Mutual cooperation between parties, thus issues related with granting relevant permissions for carrying out paid labor activity and residing in the territory of Azerbaijan Republic to foreigners recruited in companies those are ATBA members were discussed at the meeting. Stating that the majority of persons applying to the State Migration Service in order to legalize their residence in the territory of Azerbaijan are citizens of brother country-Turkey Service chief valued this as a positive case. Besides, Service chief emphasized necessity of information exchange related with labor migrants between State Migration Service and ATBA member companies.

During the meeting information about Regional Migration Departments functioning in various regions of Azerbaijan Republic also was given, possibility for companies in regions to apply directly to these departments in case of necessity was brought to notice.

Service chief Firudin Nabiyev emphasized that relations between brother countries is developed at high level and continuation of joint efforts in the sphere of preventing illegal migration is necessary. 

At the end thanking for sincere reception guests congratulated Service chief on his new appointment and wished him success in his activity.

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