Arzu Rahimov received delegation headed by the Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Turkey Republic

On April 14, 2011 Service chief, II rank state migration service counselor Arzu Rahimov received delegation headed by the Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Turkey Republic, Mr. Ahmet Zahteroghullari.


Sincerely welcoming guests Mr. Arzu Rahimov noted that, relations between the two brother countries has developed at a high level, Turkey’s brotherhood help is always felt in Azerbaijan and he mentioned about the need for benefit from the experience of this country in different fields.


Notifying his appreciation for sincere welcome Mr. Ahmet Zahteroghullari said: “We are always ready to share our experience”. The guest expressed his satisfaction from the visit to Azerbaijan, and his dignity from the development he witnessed in the country.


Mr. Arzu Rahimov spoke about tense socio-political situation and economic regression at the beginning of 1990, complications created by Nagorny-Karabakh conflict. He emphasized that only after Great Leader Heydar Aliyev assuming office tranquility was restored in the republic, as a result of purpose-oriented policy Azerbaijan began to grow. Service chief pointed out that as a result of successful continuation of this policy by President Ilham Aliyev our republic has turned into an attractive country for foreigners. Saying “of course, we are a family. But like other countries we want a respectful approach to our laws, too” Mr. Arzu Rahimov recalled recommendations and orders of the head of the state related with migration at the Cabinet of Ministers’ meeting dedicated to the results of socio-economic development in the first quarter of 2011, which was chaired by Ilham Aliyev. Stating majority of the applicants who are applying to the State Migration Service for the purpose of legalizing their residence in the territory of the country are the citizens of brother Turkey, Service chief marked it as a positive case.


At the end improvement ways of relations in migration sphere and perspectives of interagency cooperation were discussed.

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