The opening ceremony of the new administrative building of the State Migration Service held with the participation of the President of Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev

Opening ceremony of the new administrative building of the State Migration Service was held on 25th May 2010.


President Ilham Aliyev attended the opening ceremony.


Increasing the number of foreigners coming to our country as a result of social and economical development in Azerbaijan in recent years makes necessary the regulation of this area. For this purpose, on 19th March 2007 President Ilham Aliyev signed Decree numbered 560 on establishment of the State Migration Service. Therefore it created great opportunity to implement state policy on improvement of migration legislation in accordance with the international norms and today’s demands, ensuring of stable socio-economical and demographic development, rationally use of labour resources and prevention of illegal migration.


State Migration Service is the unit state body implementing state migration policy. President Ilham Aliyev pays permanent attention to the correctly building of migration policy and strengthening of material and technical base in this sphere. And constructing of the new administrative building of the State Migration Service in Binagadi district of the capital city is an evident proof of it.


The State Migration Service Chief Arzu Rahimov informed President Ilham Aliyev that the new administrative building was constructed with high quality and in national architectural style. Construction work was held in environs, green zone was dropped and for the first time in the republic lighting system with the use of 8 programmed LED lamps was installed.


President Ilham Aliyev cut the ribbon representing the opening and got acquainted with the building.


The Head of the State was informed that all conditions were created for Service employees and it opened great opportunities for their efficient activity.


President Ilham Aliyev looked at the model of the building. He was informed that it is a seven-storeyed building ; its height is 29 meters, total construction area 7944 square meters. The new building was constructed by the “Global Construction” company- one of the leading companies of Azerbaijan and centralized cooling system made by Japanese firm “Hitachi” and 3 Italian elevators were installed inside of the building.


The building has been provided with an e-card entry system, fire safety, communication, permanent video surveillance and automatic alarm system.


The Head of the State familiarized with Haydar Aliyev Museum established in the building. The photos and documents reflecting the life and activity of Nationwide Leader Haydar Aliyev are being protected here.


According to  President Ilham Aliyev’s charge for strengthening of the control over migration area Unit Migration Information System has been installed in the building. Location and employment of foreigners and stateless persons after entering the territory of the country are observed and controlled by means of Unit Migration Information System providing creation of conception about dynamics of migration processes in the country, creating favorable conditions to undertake relevant measures in fighting against illegal migration and providing security and implementing migration processes management functions.


Moreover, direct video surveillance over Yevlakh, Shirvan, Lankaran and Khachmaz regional departments, as well as over Baku and Yevlakh Detention Centers of Illegal Migrants has been provided in the new building.


President Ilham Aliyev familiarized with the library. Total area of the library is 48 square meters. There is also a reading-room, general and e-library here. There are a lot of books dedicated to the statehood activity of Great Leader Haydar Aliyev and President Ilham Aliyev, as well as belles-lettres, historical and foreign literature.


The assembly and conference halls have been organized on the level of modern demands. Automatized net has been created in the assembly hall.


A computer-assisted training center is also functioning in the building to provide productive preparation of training programs, to improve Service employees’ knowledge, skills and professional development.        Process of document reception from foreigners and stateless persons has been organized taking into consideration the e-turn principle. It will be available to receive documents from 14 persons and to grant them relevant permission cards at the same time.


24/7 hotline has been organized for efficient informing of foreigners, stateless persons and Azerbaijan citizens.


After acquainting with the building President Ilham Aliyev congratulated the Service staff and said:


- I congratulate you on the opening of this nice building.

There are all conditions to work in this building. All the most modern standards have been applied here. The building is distinguished with its beauty and high interior design. And it is important, the work done here to be conditioned too. The State Migration Service has great functions. Establishment of the Migration Service was timely taken step and during these years the Service has formalized and strengthened. Today Migration Service plays an important role in the protection of Azerbaijan economical interests.


I’m confident that Migration Service will continue its work at the high level. Certainly it depends on you – the employees. We should implement the most advanced experience here. All that I have seen here makes me glad. I see that a lot of work has been done and these issues have been approached reasonably. The State Migration Service should implement all possibilities at its daily work.


What about your tasks, you’re quite aware of it. Today Azerbaijan is very attractive for foreigners. The number of foreigners coming to work and reside has increased. It is a very joyous factor. This is a result of economical successes. We all know that Azerbaijan people are very hospitable. We are always glad to have guests. However, certainly your tasks will be both to serve to foreign citizens coming to Azerbaijan and to implement all the necessary legal measures to provide their residence here.


Illegal migration occurs in different countries of the world, particularly in developed countries. Certainly illegal migration is very unpleasant factor and we must seriously fight against it. However, increasing the number of foreigners willing to come to Azerbaijan by different routes shows how attractive Azerbaijan is.


We certainly open all our gates to all guests. However, everything should be in the legal frame. We must seriously fight against illegal migration. Foreigners coming to Azerbaijan to work must respect  our laws, national values, and traditions. Only in this case all the conditions will be created for foreign citizens coming to live in Azerbaijan.


We’re integrating into the world economy nowadays. The number of coming foreigners is increasing. Azerbaijan citizens work in foreign countries as well. This is a normal process. It is important that all these measures should be regulated in legal framework and economical interests should be fully provided. We are quite aware, that there aren’t any internal threats to the security of our country. That’s why firstly we must strengthen our borders and we are doing it. And also measures held by Migration Service will protect our economical interests and provide our people with calm and safe life.


I’m sure that all of you clearly understand all these tasks. I also want to add that short time activity of Migration Service shows that charged tasks are being implemented. It also shows that establishment of Migration Service was correct and timely taken step. I can say that on that time when we made this decision the number of migrants willing to come to Azerbaijan wasn’t so much. But we know that Azerbaijan’s successful progress and fulfillment of all programs will increase the flow of labour force from foreign countries. We are eyewitness of it today and that’s why we have taken all steps in time. The main thing is that you must implement all these tasks and fulfill all necessary measures to protect state interests of Azerbaijan. Service employees


I also want to add that there are all opportunities to do it and good conditions have been created for you. The efficient and modern service has been formalized and you must implement all tasks with dignity and loyalty. Once again I congratulate you on this nice event. I wish you success in your work.


The Service Chief Arzu Rahimov expressed his gratitude on behalf of the Service to President Ilham Aliyev for his attention and care.

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