Joint event with the representations of the International Organization for Migration and United Nations Organization in Azerbaijan was held at the State Migration Service

Joint event with the participation of State Migration Service, IOM and UN representations in the Republic of Azerbaijan connected with the report on the presentation of human beings migration development named “Get over obstacles: human beings migration development” for 2009 was held on October 7, 2009.   


Mr. Azru Rahimov, the head of State Migration Service informed that, the number of the foreigners coming to our country is considerably increasing on result of rapid development in all spheres and rising of living standards because of successful political and economical reforms carried out in the Republic of Azerbaijan. “To build a good condition - to get a good living and work place people are addressing towards different countries and with this process, they are turning to the participants of the migration processes. Mr. Arzu Rahimov underlined that, the foreigners always shows great interest in our country as there is a social stability in the Republic of Azerbaijan. He also mentioned that, migration processes are completely controlled by the government and the tasks are implemented on time. Our “main goal” is to provide the observance and respect of existing legislation by the foreigners and stateless persons in the field of migration. Mentioning the main goal of SMS as the implementation of management of migration processes and providing legal residence of foreigners arriving in the Republic of Azerbaijan, Mr. Arzu Rahimov said that according to the corresponding of the presidential decree dated March 4, 2009 the implementation of “Single Window” Principle has been applied. Thus serious mechanism has been created in the fulfillment of the unique principle.


UNDP resident coordinator and UN resident representative Mr. Bruno Pueza expressed his gratitude for the participation of the presentation together with State Migration Serve (SMS) and International Organization for Migration (IOM). Mr. Bruno Pueza mentioned that, Azerbaijan takes the 86th place among 182 countries on average human beings development categories according to the human beings development index based on 2007 indicates. In the latest years systematical progress in the main human beings development indexes is observed in Azerbaijan. Average life expectancy is increased 5 times between in 1980-2007.  Also Gross Domestic Product GDP per person has increased 4 times between in 1995-2007 from $1963 up to $7851 (USA dollars). Congratulating Azerbaijan Government for these achievements resident coordinator also mentioned that, the above mentioned achievements has resulted with the improvement of Azerbaijanian rate on human beings index.


Mr. Bruno Pueza underlined that, the development of non-oil sector and continuation of reforms in social services will create an opportunity for the improvement of human beings development level of Azerbaijan.


Vasily Jujanin, the head of IOM representation in Azerbaijan also expressed his opinion on the above mentioned report. He gave brief information on the activity of IOM and their participation in the report preparation.


At the end, the questions interested representative’s mass media were answered. 



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