Seminar held at the State Migration Service

Seminar on “Application of amendments and additions made in the available legislation on application of “Single Window” Principle in the migration management processes and coordination of the activity of relevant state bodies in this sphere” was held at the State Migration Service on August 14.

Speeches on “Foreigners’ and stateless persons’ entrance to and departure from the country and as well as,  extension of their temporary staying period in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan”, “Foreigners’ and stateless persons’ paid labour activity in the Republic of Azerbaijan”, “Issuing permission for temporary or permanent residence for foreigners and stateless persons in the Republic of Azerbaijan and their registration for the place of residence”, ”Coordination of the activity of relevant state bodies in the sphere of migration” and “Fight against illegal migration” were made at the seminar held with the participation of representatives of the Ministers of Interior, Foreign Affairs, Labour and Social Protection of Population and State Border Service.

Discussions around those topics were held at the end of the seminar.

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