Meeting with the Indian Embassy delegation was held at the State Migration Service

    Meeting with the delegation headed by Indian Ambassador to Azerbaijan Mr. Debnat Show was held in State Migration Service on June 4, 2009.
    After warm welcome Mr. Arzu Rahimov underlined that this meeting would contribute bilateral relation.
    In his speech State Migration Service Chief Mr. Arzu Rahimov stressed that as a result of economical reforms and successful policy pursued by the head of the state Mr. Ilham Aliyev living standards of population had raised and the number of foreigners coming to our country have increased year-by-year due to the rapid development in all spheres. Then Service Chief drew participants' attention to the adoption of necessary normative legal acts to strengthen the state control on migration process, implementation of some institutional and organizational measures.
     Mr. Arzu Rahimov drew participants' attention to the significance of the decree on “Application of the “Single Window” Principle” signed by the President Mr. Ilham Aliyev. Service Chief also stressed that the present decree serves to improve migration management mechanism and to simplify the procedures of grating permissions to foreigners and stateless persons entering the Republic of Azerbaijan for lawful residence and engaging in labour activity, and of their registration for the place of residence, as well as to ensure transparency in this sphere.
     Service Chief also stated that if the foreigners coming to our country were compelled to apply to different state bodies for extension of staying period in the country, obtaining permissions for temporary and permanent residence and registration before, from the date of application of the “Single Window” Principle – from July 1, 2009 would apply only to the unit state body – to the State Migration Service.
      Speaking positively about pursued policy in the migration sphere, Ambassador Mr. Debnat Show highly appreciated the “Single Window” Principle criterions.
      At the end of the event the questions interested the Ambassador were answered.
     Expressing thankfulness for cordial meeting and gratefulness from acquaintance with the State Migration Service activity, Mr. Debnat Show wished success to the State Migration Service in its future activity.