Delegation of American Chamber at the State Migration Service

Meeting with the delegation consisting of American Chamber (AmCham) Directors Council members was held in the State Migration Service on July 17, 2009.

After warm welcome the State Migration Service Chief Mr. Arzu Rahimov stated that the State Migration Service started to the application of the “Single Window” Principle in the management of migration process in conformity with the Presidential Decree signed on March 4, 2009. Mr. Arzu Rahimov also drew the delegations' attention to the increase of the appeals to the Service, creation of the strict control mechanism on the application of the present principle, centralized registration of the documents and individual approach to each appeal.

Service Chief underlined the necessity of perceiving the essence of this decree and observation of the “Single Window” Principle requirements.


President of AmCham Directors Council Daniel Matthews thanked Mr. Rahimov for cordial meeting. The guest highly appreciated recent amendments and additions made to the migration legislation and expressed their interest in the enlightening and perceiving of foreigners residing in the country.


Issues on the “Single Window” Principle requirements, foreigner’s registration, obtaining of work permits causing engaging in paid labour activity and other matters interested the guests were clarified at the meeting.

Exchange of views on joint cooperation between the State Migration Service and AmCham was carried out at the end of the meeting.