State Migration Service employees met with International Labour Organization (ILO) representatives

At the meeting, held on May 26, 2009 Chief Technical Adviser of International Labour Organization (ILO) Sub-regional Office for Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Nilim Baruah informed that their organization mainly regulates the relations between employers and employees. Nilim Baruah, who showed initiative on joint project, noted that the main purpose of the project is to develop migration processes, to regulate labor migration and to protect the rights of labour migrants.
At the meeting ILO representatives gave comprehensive information on joint project and on its main 3 stages: protection of migrants’ rights, strengthening of inter governmental relations in the managing of migration processes and increasing of positive results of migration, respectively.
State Migration Service employees gave comprehensive information about the “Law on Labour Migration” and mentioned that there are also Articles on the families of labor migrants.
At the end of the meeting International Labor Organization (ILO) representatives thanked State Migration Service employees for their warm welcome.