28 May - Republic Day ceremony was held at the State Migration Service

The ceremony on the occasion of 28 May - the 91st anniversary of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (ADR) was held at the State Migration Service on 27 May, 2009.
Topic of the ceremony was the honorable struggle of Azerbaijani people for their independence and freedom, the statehood experience of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic at the period of its 23 months existence. It was mentioned that Azerbaijan Democratic Republic laid down the foundation of great political-economical and cultural traditions in the history of our independence, though it existed only 23 months. It played a significant role in the foundation of the bright future, independence, freedom, sovereignty of Azerbaijani people and played a historical role in the life of Azerbaijani people in the XX century.
It was also noted that under the leadership of national leader Heydar Aliyev Azerbaijani people has regained its independence and established independent state on the basis of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (ADR).
But unlike the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (ADR) the Republic of Azerbaijan has been able to defend its independence and freedom, take measures in the strengthening of statehood, in restoring of social-economical and political stability even in the strained conditions.