A seminar was jointly organized for media representatives by the State Migration Service and Media Development Agency

A seminar on “The role of media in awareness raising on migration and professional journalism” has been jointly organized by the State Migration Service (SMS) and Media Development Agency (MEDIA) within the framework of the Migration Regional Training Center.

SMS and MEDIA officials, media representatives participated in the event, which was organized in order to increase the awareness of media representatives in the field of migration.

In his opening speech at the event Mr. Vusal Huseynov, Chief of the State Migration Service, II rank state migration service counselor, emphasized that active participation of society, especially media is of crucial importance in the effective management of migration. The Chief of the Service highlighted the exchange of ideas and experiences with media representatives, civil society, scientific institutions, the private sector, migrant communities, and other stakeholders as an important means to identify challenges in the field of migration, use innovative methods, and ensure a comprehensive approach in migration policy. He also pointed out the significant role of the media in better and correctly understanding the migration phenomenon and combating the spread of misconceptions on migration in society.

Later, the Chief of the Service delivered a detailed presentation on "Migration Management in Azerbaijan" and addressed questions of media representatives.

Mr. Ahmad Ismayilov, the Executive Director of the Media Development Agency noted that the information on migration management in Azerbaijan, key concepts in this field, global migration trends, tools for information dissemination by the Service, and requirements for information queries, including the organization of media awareness and professional media activities to be presented during the jointly organized seminar, would be useful for media representatives. Mr. Ahmad Ismayilov emphasized that numerous trainings were carried out by the Agency to increase the professionalism and specialization of media representatives, and the special importance of today's joint seminar in the direction of the development of journalism in this field. He wished success to the work of the seminar and to every participant.

During the seminar, the expert of the Media Development Agency, Parvana Ibrahimova, the head of the Communication Department, Saida Shafiyeva, as well as the employees of the State Migration Service - Aygul Abbaszade and Elvin Mammadov, presented the key concepts and definitions on migration, global migration trends, media awareness and the organization of professional media activities, awareness-raising tools of the State Migration Service and requirements for information requests.

A commemorative photo was taken at the end of the seminar, in which effective discussions were conducted.

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