Vusal Huseynov delivered a video statement at the session of the United Nations Human Rights Council

Vusal Huseynov, the Chief of the State Migration Service,II rank state migration service counselor, has delivered a video statement at the interactive dialogue with the Special Rapporteur on the human rights of migrants within the framework of the 53rd session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva.

Vusal Huseynov emphasized that Azerbaijan has achieved significant progress in various areas of migration management, including the protection of migrants' rights, legalization, and eradication of statelessness. Highlighting the expansion of digitalization for the improvement of migration services the Chief of the Service mentioned the organization of continuous awareness-raising events for migrants to enhance their knowledge on migration legislation.

The Chief of Service noted active participation of Azerbaijan as a Champion country in the implementation of the Global Compact for Migration at the International Migration Review Forum. He also pointed out that our country has fulfilled all the commitments undertaken within the Global Refugee Forum.

The Chief of Service stated that Azerbaijan ensured the right of return for nearly one million internally displaced persons to their homelands after liberating its territories under occupation for over 30 years. He emphasized thatas a result initial successful steps have been taken to restore the violated rights of these individuals over the past 30 years. He further highlighted the significant efforts by the Government of Azerbaijan to ensure sustainable resettlement and successful reintegration of the internally displaced persons.

At the end, Vusal Huseynov expressed his confidence that the outcomes of the interactive dialogue would contribute to strengthening global discussions on the protection of migrants' human rights.


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