New privileges have been established regarding obtaining temporary residence permits based on the intention to engage in entrepreneurial activities, according to the amendments made to the Migration Code.

According the Article 45.1.7 of the Migration Code (engaging in entrepreneurship activity), new privileges have been established for obtaining a temporary residence permit. Previously, foreign nationals engaged in entrepreneurship activity were required to conclude (employ) labor contracts with at least 5 (or 10 persons on part-time employment) persons on full time employment while at least 80 percent of the workers were required to be the citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan Azerbaijani citizens.

After the amendments, at least 80% of employees, along with Azerbaijani citizens, can be foreign nationals who are spouses of Azerbaijani citizens with permanent residence permits, guardians of Azerbaijani citizens whose is under the age of 18 or whose disability has been determined due to 81-100% impairment of body functions, asylum seekers, victims of human trafficking, or those assisting law enforcement agencies.

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