Statistics of the State Migration Service for the first half of 2022

During the first half of 2022, 57851 applications on extension of temporary staying period, issuance of temporary and permanent residence permits, acquisition, restoration and revocation of citizenship, establishment of citizenship and determination of refugee status, as well as issuance and extension of validity of work permits for carrying out labor activity were received. 26119 applications were related to extension of temporary staying period for foreigners and stateless persons to live temporarily and permanently in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan, 11964 were related to the establishment of citizenship of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and 7804 were related to other activities of the Service. Each application was investigated individually in accordance with the requirements of the legislation and relevant decisions were made.

108856 applications for registration upon place of stay of foreigners and stateless persons were registered during the relevant period.

Moreover, 6090 decisions were made by the State Migration Service on violation of the requirements of migration, as well as administrative legislation in the Republic of Azerbaijan.