“The Victory Corner” opened at the State Migration Service

At the opening ceremony, the leadership of the State Migration Service has laid flowers in front of the "Victory Corner", which symbolizes the Victory Day on November 8, which went down in history thanks to the victory of our Army in the Patriotic War. Vusal Huseynov, Chief of the State Migration Service, II rank state migration service counselor noted that the “Victory Corner” is a place where the memory of our heroic martyrs who died for the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan has been immortalized in the Service. He noted that the souls of the martyrs will be commemorated here every year on significant days. A symbolic badge in the form of “Khari bulbul” flower and the name of each martyr has been reflected in the “Victory Corner”.

Later, at the event dedicated to the Victory Day, the memory of the sons of the Motherland, who rose to the peak of martyrdom for the freedom of our lands, was commemorated with a minute of silence.

Chief of the State Migration Service Vusal Huseynov stressed that the glorious victory demonstrated our strength as a nation, as well as the potential of Azerbaijan to the world. He noted that the decisive and principial position of the Victorious Supreme Commander-in-Chief conditioned our success in the field of diplomacy and in the battle field. From the first day, the solidarity of our people, united around our esteemed President as a fist, the bravery of our Army had a decisive impact on the subsequent course of the war.

The event featured a no-comment video dedicated to the Patriotic War entitled "The Truth of 44 Days", as well as a film of interviews with SMS employees who took part in the Second Karabakh War.

In the end, the employees of the migration authorities, who fought in the I and II Karabakh wars, were distinguished and presented with souvenirs.