Yalchin Javadov's family visited in the framework of the "Know Your Martyr" Project

Agha Gurbanov, employee of the State Migration Service who took part in the Patriotic War, as well as Migration Volunteers has visited the family of Sergeant Yalchin Javadov, who heroically died in the battles for the city of Fizuli. At the meeting they casted a look at the path of the martyr who fought to the last drop of blood for the freedom of our lands. It was noted that it is the civic duty of each of us to perpetuate the names of the martyrs who died for the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, as well as to pay attention and care to their families.

Yalchin Javadov's son Agil Javadov, participant of the "Winners' Camp" organized by the State Migration Service for the children of martyrs, shared his good memories of his father.