Another martyr's family visited

Babek Hajili, employee of the State Migration Service who took part in the Patriotic War, as well as a group of Migration Volunteers has visited the family of Ganbarov Bilal Khanlar oglu, who, like every member of our brave army, fought valiantly against the insidious enemy and rose to the peak of martyrdom. At the meeting they casted a look at the activity of the martyr Ganbarov Bilal, the history of the glorious victory written by our victorious army under the leadership of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief was reviewed, as well as the souls of our martyred heroes were commemorated. Martyr Bilal Ganbarov's father Khanlar Ganbarov, who recently acquired the citizenship of the Republic of Azerbaijan, shared his pleasant memories of his son.

At the meeting it was noted that the memory of the sons of the Motherland who gave their lives for the territorial integrity of our lands will always be honored.