"Statelessness in Azerbaijan: Achievements and Goals" journal published

The joint publication of the State Migration Service and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees has been dedicated to a number of issues related to statelessness. The journal, published in Azerbaijani and English, includes an interview with Rza Talibov, Chief of the Citizenship issues head department, III rank state migration service counselor, on the activities of the Service on citizenship, the essence of citizenship right, as well as legal guarantee of the national legislation on solution of statelessness.

The publication includes articles on the "Global Action Plan to End Statelessness 2014-2024", the activities of the Working Group on statelessness, the work done in Azerbaijan within the framework of the "To End Statelessness" campaign and other topics.

The journal also includes interviews with people who were previously stateless and have recently acquired the citizenship of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

You can get familiarized with the electronic version of the journal in Azerbaijani and English languages here.

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