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To the attention of foreigners and stateless persons whose temporary staying period in the Republic of Azerbaijan expires by August 01, 2020!

Taking into account the extension of restriction applied on entry and exit at the state border until August 1, 2020, applications of foreigners whose staying period in the country will expire by August 1 are considered to be accepted by the State Migration Service and their staying period will be extended for up to 30-60 days.

The staying in the country of foreigners, whose temporary staying period have been extended for up to 60 days (by payment of the relevant state fee), is considered legal without any additional registration and payment of state fee until the restrictions on movement at the state border are lifted. These foreigners will be required to leave the territory of the country or to apply for temporary residence permit, if there are appropriate grounds, shortly after restrictions applied on movement at the state border are lifted. Additional information will be provided in this regard.

Decisions on extension of temporary staying period are not required to be collected in person. If necessary, these persons can obtain decisions through the website of the Service (

For detailed information you are recommended to contact “(012) 919” Call Center operating uninterruptedly.

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