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Event on civil defense

An event on “Assembly and alert”, as well as “Complex training on civil defense” has been held in the territory of the Baku Detention Center for Illegal Migrants according to the action plan on civil defense of the State Migration Service for 2019.

In the first part of the event, the lineup order of the civil defense forces, conditions of the properties and equipment were reassessed with the participation of the staff of structural units of the SMS located in Baku, as well as rescue teams, employees of health post and officers of the medical center of the Service, employees of the Ministry of Emergency, fire truck of the Sabunchu State Fire Protection Unit, ambulance and rescue teams.

At the event, information on the importance of the civil defense, the role of employees in prevention of natural disasters and other accidents, as well as elimination of its consequences, the rules of readiness for preventing consequences of any emergencies that may occur was delivered to the employees.

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