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Chief of State Migration Service met with MOBILAZE project coordinator

Chief of State Migration Service (SMS) Vusal Huseynov met with Violeta Wagner, project coordinator of "Support to the Implementation of Mobility Partnership with Azerbaijan" (MOBILAZE), funded by the European Union (EU).

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the implementation of MOBILAZE and new reintegration project agreed with SMS.

At the meeting V. Huseynov mentioned the importance of the MOBILAZE project for the Azerbaijani government agencies, implemented with the European Union. He informed that the expansion of the range of options upon the components could have a positive impact on the general principles.

MOBILAZE Project Coordinator Violeta Wagner gave information about the issues done within the framework of the project and future plans.

The outcomes of the project were assessed satisfactory during the meeting which was held in the context of exchanging views. The EU-Azerbaijan close cooperation on readmission, migration and prevention of illegal migration was mentioned.

It should be noted that the implementation of MOBILAZE project, covering 36-months period started on January 15, 2016. 9 institutions from 7 EU countries were involved to the project. The project, consisting of five components covers the issues on establishment of analytical skills for the preparation of an informed migration policy, legal migration from and to Azerbaijan, security of documents, improvement of decision-making procedure on asylums, return and reintegration.

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