Eternal and irreversible independence is our historic achievement

Owing to ideas of National Leader Heydar Aliyev and determination of President Ilham Aliyev Azerbaijan managed to receive recognition in the region and the world as trusted partner, dynamically developing country for the period of 25 years.

It is 25th anniversary of the restoration of state independence of Azerbaijan which constitutes bright and glorious page in our history. After the restoration of our independence this holiday is celebrated solemnly and with great joy in our country every year. 

Azerbaijani people has always lived with a desire of independence and fought for national freedom. As independence is not gifted, it should be gained. In 20th century our people rose twice to struggle for independent statehood and Peoples’ Republic of Azerbaijan was proclaimed at the beginning of the century. Unfortunately Democratic Republic existed only 23 months. Eventually, after 70 years after that our people rose again for struggle and restored its independence with adoption of “Constitutional Act on State Independence of the Republic of Azerbaijan” on October 18, 1991. But occupation of our lands by Armenia, economic crisis, fight for the power by unskilled politicians called into question our independence. Chaos and anarchy, economic, political, moral and psychological tension was eliminated only after return of National Leader Heydar Aliyev to power at the persistent demand of the people in 1993. The genius leader managed to establish independent state as Azerbaijan in a complicated geopolitical area. As a result of successful foreign policy ceasefire was achieved in the frontline on May 12, 1994 and stability was restored in the country. Coup attempts were prevented in October 1994 and March 1995, civil war threat was over. Owing to genius and political foresight of the National Leader the Republic of Azerbaijan started new development line on solid foundations. The “Contract of the Century” signed with 11 companies from 8 countries on September 20, 1994 at the initiative of Great Leader Heydar Aliyev played an exclusive role in consolidation of state independence of Azerbaijan. This oil contract created conditions for recognition of Azerbaijan in international community as a state, consolidation of its geopolitical stand and accession to global economic system. Later launch of Baku-Tbilisi-Jeyhan oil pipeline in 2006 and Baku-Tbilisi-Arzurum gas pipeline in 2007 was a great strategic achievement and crucial factor in integration of Azerbaijan into global economy. Comprehensive development of oil and non-oil sectors, as well as multi-branch economy was ensured.

On November 12 with the adoption of the Constitution of independent Azerbaijan, the author of which is National Leader Heydar Aliyev, legal basis for new state establishment and its activity was created in our country. Thus foundations of the most productive period of our history were laid in terms of consolidation of independence of Azerbaijan, its acquisition of eternal and irreversible character. Succession of significant events for our history was accepted as beginning of a new stage.

Stating with great sense of pride that independence is irreplaceable gift and plays very important role in the fate of the people Heydar Aliyev who said: “We are happy because are people has obtained freedom. We are happy because we have our independent state. We are happy because Azerbaijan has got place in international community, among world countries and all international organizations and Azerbaijan is recognized everywhere as Azerbaijan, a prestigious country with great future. I wish beautiful future to independent and free Azerbaijan.”

Today the policy of National Leader Heydar Aliyev is continued by his decent follower, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev. The President of the country Ilham Aliyev consolidated independence of Azerbaijan, made it unbreakable and irreversible with his well-considered and foresighted activity. Mr. President stated: “Azerbaijan pursues completely independent policy. Economic independence and unity of the authority with people are in the center of this.” Exactly these ideas express shortly strategic aspects of the domestic and foreign policy of the country. All the promises that Mr. Ilham Aliyev made to the people during presidential elections in 2003 have been completely fulfilled. Realization of transnational projects, improvement of welfare of the people, fully abolishment of IDP camps, solution of the problems of martyrs’ families, persons with disabilities, refugees and IDPs have been achieved, as well as significant results have been attained in exposing aggressive position of Armenian invaders who have violated territorial integrity of Azerbaijan in international community.

Today we live 25th anniversary of independence as renaissance and progress period under the leadership of respected President Ilham Aliyev.

Azerbaijan has passed great development path during past 25 years. In the course of these years state building process has been successfully implemented in all direction in Azerbaijan. Admission of Azerbaijan, which has been elected as member of a number of international organizations, to European Council was our next historic achievement.

Azerbaijan has attained great achievements in all the spheres of economic, socio-political, moral and cultural life. The care demonstrated by the head of state to education, healthcare, army establishment, national and cultural values resulted in substantial growth.

Owing to wise reforms implemented by President Ilham Aliyev, purposeful foreign policy Azerbaijan has become leader state in South Caucasus. With resolute and purposeful foreign policy head of state Ilham Aliyev has gained great respect and authority as modern and flexible politician in the world.

Owing to successful foreign policy of President Ilham Aliyev the role and authority of the country in resolution of international and regional problems is gradually increasing. Visual example of this is election of Azerbaijan as non-permanent member of UN Security Council with the support of 155 states in 20th anniversary of its independence. It was biggest diplomatic achievement that our republic attained in its independence history. The event that was carved with golden letters to the political history of Azerbaijan turned our republic to one of the 15 countries determining world policy.

Today independent Azerbaijan, 25th anniversary of independence of which is celebrated with the sense of pride and dignity, is one of the most rapidly developing countries of the world. The most important is that the referendum held on September 26 demonstrated that President Ilham Aliyev is unanimously supported by the people as a guarantee of state independence.  

Economic reforms carried out in Azerbaijan are highly appreciated by international organizations. Azerbaijan advanced 17 ranks from 80th place to 63rd place among 189 states in “Doing Business 2016” report. As a result of implemented reforms Azerbaijan has outrun even developed countries in international ratings on starting up business, obtaining permits for construction and protecting interests of small investors recently. Our country has entered the list of top 10 countries in the report by facilitating business registration. It was mentioned as the country with the best practice along with Germany, Sweden, Estonia and Slovakia. Furthermore, it was emphasized that Azerbaijan has facilitated starting up business by abolishing the requirement for the use of corporative seals. As a result of this the period of the process has been reduced from 5 days to 3 days which less than the one in Norway. Azerbaijan holds 7th place on “Business start-up” indicator, 22nd place on “Property registration” indicator, 34th place on “Tax payment” indicator and 36th place on “Protection of interests of small investors” among 189 countries. Thus Azerbaijan has become one of 24 countries which have conducted 3 or more reforms in “Doing business 2016” report. Davos World Economic Forum, the number one economic forum of the world, has awarded Azerbaijani economy with 37th place in the world for competitiveness. Last year Azerbaijan was in 40th place, it was also an excellent indicator. Though there is a crisis in the world and it has not missed Azerbaijan either, Azerbaijani economy has received higher appreciation. 37th place is great indicator in global scale and as Mr. President said is a historic indicator. Azerbaijan is the first in CIS region and preserves this leadership.

During last 20 years Azerbaijani Government has improved the living conditions of IDPs, more than 6 billion US dollars has been spent for the solution of the social problems of IDPs. 95 residential complexes with the 3.2 million km2 area have been built according to modern standards, 50 thousand families or more than 250 thousand refugees and internally displaced persons have been provided with new apartments.

Today Azerbaijan is writing the brightest pages_old of its state independence. As a result of purposeful policy pursued by President Ilham Aliyev Azerbaijan has also become member of “space club”. Launch of “Azerspace-1”, the first telecommunication satellite, to the space in February, 2013 was one of the biggest achievements of Azerbaijan in the period of independence.

As majority of international organizations state our republic is on great development way in recent years. Today Azerbaijani brand “ASAN service” model is surprising everyone. Number of “ASAN service” centers in the country has reached 11. This factor draws attention of the world to Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan has become a place where a number of international events, prestigious sports and music contests, conferences and summits are held. In 2012 by high level organization of “Eurovision - 2012” song contest Azerbaijan proved to the whole world that it is a country with strong and powerful state, high level organization, rich culture and tolerance. This event once more demonstrated strong potential Azerbaijani state and its wide possibilities to organize and host global events. Azerbaijan which has held “Eurovision-2012” song contest with high organizational skills hosted another grand event – The Baku 2015 European Games too. Azerbaijan which joined the competitions in the first European Games launched in Baku where more than 6 thousand athletes representing 50 countries were competing on 20 types of sport with 289 athletes won 21 gold,15 silver and 20 bronze, in total 56 medals. Azerbaijan’s hosting such a significant event was very important in terms of propagation of rich cultural heritage of our people, promotion of tourism opportunities of our republic, as well as increase of interest in our country.

In 2016 grand sports events – “Formula-1” Grand Prix of Europe which has 500 million spectators and 42nd World Chess Olympiad were held in our country. These competitions made history as most populated competitions held in Azerbaijan. Pilots highly appreciated Baku city circuit where Grand Prix of Europe, 8th competition of the World Championship, was held and world media praised development of Azerbaijan with admiration more than the competition. Only in Chess Olympiad 181 men and 142 women teams from 176 countries were competing which was a record indicator for the number of participating countries. President Ilham Aliyev said at the meeting with members of Azerbaijan national team competeing in 42nd World Chess Olympiad held in Baku. “It is already a tradition for Azerbaijan to host prestigious international events. As you know, Azerbaijan has successfully hosted European and world championships. Azerbaijan is already known in the world as a developed country. The vast majority of visitors to Azerbaijan return to their countries with pleasant impressions.”    

Azerbaijan is going to host IV Islamic Solidarity Games in 2017. The main motto of the competition where athletes representing 57 will participate is – “Solidarity is our power”.

At present organization of events by prestigious international organizations in Azerbaijan is proof of high level rating of our independent state. This year our country hosted 4th Global Baku Forum on Towards a Multipolar World, 7th Global Forum of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations on “Living Together in Inclusive Societies: A Challenge and A Goal”, 19th meeting of the Council of Heads of Migration Bodies (CHMB) of Commonwealth of Independent States participating states, ADEX 2016 2nd Azerbaijan International Defense Industry Exhibition, 23rd Caspian International Oil and Gas Exhibition at thigh level.    

The reality shows that President Ilham Aliyev takes all the steps for all-round and dynamic development and strengthening of Azerbaijan. Multi-branch reforms implemented by the head of state pave the way for great achievements in the economy of the Republic, results in improvement of every citizen’s life. All of these factors are indicators of increasing prestige and positive image of our country in global scale.

As Azerbaijan develops, it becomes more interesting and attractive country for foreigners. As our respected President said migration is manifestation of development. As a result of this the number of people migrating to our country increases year-by-year. Thus rapid socio-economic progress, expansion of international communications in energy and transportation spheres, at the same time favorable geopolitical position has resulted in intensification of migration processes in the Republic of Azerbaijan. Since 2007 State Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan has been implementing state policy on migration. “Migration Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan” has been adopted and it became effective on August 1, 2013. This compilation of norms has been met by foreign states with interest. Today each application addressed to the Service which implements its activity according to “one-stop-shop” principle is investigated separately in compliance with the requirements of the legislation and appropriate decision is made. President Ilham Aliyev said: “Establishment of Migration Service was right and timely taken step. When we came to this decision at that time, I can say the number of migrants desiring to come to Azerbaijan was not very high. But we knew that the flow of labour force from abroad will strengthen as a result of successful development of Azerbaijan and implementation of all the programs. Today we see that, therefore we took all the steps in time”.

Purposeful and well-considered policy carried out not only in migration but also in all the sphere of the country has comprised and will comprise the basis of the current development of Azerbaijan. Implemented measures have been carved to the memory of the history. The history along with being our past is our today and future. Furhter consolidation and ensuring eternity of our independence which was once preserved by Great Leader Heydar Aliyev under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev is honouring. What is more important, owing to ideas of National Leader Heydar Aliyev and determination of President Ilham Aliyev Azerbaijan managed to receive recognition in the region and the world as trusted partner, dynamically developing country during 25 years. Ideas expressed by the President of the country on State Migration Service, historic events that we witnessed, attained achievements and success gives pride to each employee of the service. Today the purposeful policy successfully continued and developed by President allows saying that “independence of Azerbaijan is unbreakable and irreversible”!


Firudin Nabiyev

Chief of State Migration Service

II rank state migration service counselor      


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