National cuisine

Azerbaijani national cuisine is very rich. About 2000 dishes are known in Azerbaijani cuisine. For example, there are 200 varieties of plov, 20 varieties of dolma and 20 of lula kebab. The guest – is in the center of the cuisine philosophy of Azerbaijan.

Therefore, you’re welcome, please, be our guest!

Snacks. 'Meze's-salads (“choban” salad, “mangal” salad) should be specially mentioned among the snacks. “Yakhma” (open butter and bread), “durmak” (butter or cheese spread into rolled thin bread-”yukha” or “lavash” or other varieties of breads) are among light snacks of Azerbaijani cuisine. Furthermore, “kuku”, caviar, different types of cheese and “gutab”s are also in the list of the national snacks. 80% of the caviar reserve of the world is in the Caspian shore of Azerbaijan.

“Mangal” salad           “Kuku”      “Gutab”       Caviar

Bread. – In Azerbaijan there are various types of bread such as yukha, fatir, lavash, khamrali, tandir bread and so on. in different shapes, thickness and prepared in different baking methods. Azerbaijanis treat bread with special respect. When bread is brought to the table, Azerbaijanis first start their food with it as an expression of respect. Azerbaijanis swear on it.

Tandir bread    Fasali Kharak bread  Lavash 

Main dishes. Dolma, kufta, dushbara, bozartma, khingal, lavangi, piti, chigirtma, dovgha, ajab-sandal decorate the meal tables even today. Plov and kababs are masterpieces of Azerbaijani cuisine. Azerbaijani cuisine is also rich with the meals prepared with dairy products. Dovgha, dogramaj, ayran ashi, milky porridge and other meals have enriched our cuisine since the ancient times.

Leaf dolma  Piti       Dovgha  Fish lavangi

Kabab     Shah plov Dushbara       Kufta Bozbash

Sweets. At the end of the meal 'cherez' (fruit, dry fruit, walnut, hazel-nut, etc.) and sweet dishes are served as desserts. “Shakarbura”, “pakhlava”, “goghal”, “badambura” as the national sweets are inseparable part of the holiday parties. Moreover, the jams prepared from different fruits (cherry, walnut, almond, peach, apricot, cornel, watermelon, etc.) decorate the tea tables.

Shakarbura   Pakhlava    Goghal Jams

Drinks. Tea has a special place in Azerbaijani cuisine, is served together with sweets after the meal. “Azerchay” as the main tea brand of the country represents Azerbaijan in the world. Mineral waters of Azerbaijan - "Istisu", "Badamli", "Sirab" and others have a special place among cold drinks. There are various types of hoshabs (compotes) and paluds (fruit jelly), as well. Azerbaijani wine is famous in a lot of countries of the world. “Bayan”, “Alsharab”, “Sadilli”, “Madrasa”, “Rubai”, “Chinar”, “Novruzlu”, “Shamkhor”, “Garakand” are favorite wines of Azerbaijan.

Tea   Wine      Basil compote Natural spring water   


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