Azerbaijan is a great place to visit in any season and visitors are welcome year-round. The country has nine of the world’s eleven climate types and offers a different experience to tourists. But each of the seasons, of course, has its own unique colours and features. Visitors will be satisfied with the magnificent nature of Azerbaijan, the coast of the Caspian Sea, ancient historic and cultural traditions.

The recreation and entertainment zones located in Azerbaijan along the Caspian coast, our delightful forests and stunning mountains will deliver an unforgettable experience to all those who love the sun, sea and sand, picnics and walks along forest trails, swimming under cool waterfalls and horseback riding.

The main and the most spectacular season, which can be enjoyed by everyone who visits Azerbaijan in Spring, is the annual Novruz holiday - the symbol of nature’s rebirth. Every year prior to March 21 all Azerbaijanis enjoy the run up to this ancient national holiday by preparing for it for four weeks. A number of holiday traditions and rituals of Novruz holiday will surprise and delight foreigners throughout the whole of March. During the celebration of the Novruz holiday in Azerbaijan, families and friends visit each other’s homes, exchanging gifts and the numerous sweets lovingly prepared at home.
Winter in Azerbaijan is a lovely season for lovers of local food and Azerbaijani culinary surprises.

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