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Establishment date                                                   - 28 May 1918

Date of joining to the United Nations                        - 2 March 1992

Date of joining to the Council of Europe                   - 17 January 2001

Territory, thsd. km2                                                     - 86,6

Capital                                                                        - Baku

Currency                                                                     - Manat


The State Symbols of the Republic of Azerbaijan:


The National Flag of the Republic of Azerbaijan consists of three horizontal stripes equal in length. The upper stripe is blue, the middle is red, the lower is green colored.  The blue color symbolizes the Turkic origin of Azerbaijani people, the red color stands for the desire to establish a modern society and to develop democracy and the green color represents belonging to Islamic civilization. In the center of the red stripe on the both sides of the flag there is a white crescent and eight-angled star. Width of the flag constitutes half of its length.


The National Emblem of the Republic of Azerbaijan symbolizes the independence of the Azerbaijani state. The National Emblem represents an image of oriental escutcheon, placed on the arch composed of oak branches and wheat ears. On the escutcheon in the background of the National flag colors of the Republic of Azerbaijan there is an image of the eight-pointed star and in the center of the star there are tongues of flame.



Music by: Uzeyir Hajibayov 

Words by: Ahmad Javad

Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan!

You are the country of heroes!

We will die so that you might be alive!

We will shed our blood to defend you!

Long live your three-colored banner!

Thousands of people sacrificed their lives

You've become the field of battles.

Every soldier fighting for you,

Has become a hero.

We pray for your prosperity,

We make sacrifice our lives to you

Our sincere love to you,

Comes from the bottom of our hearts.

To defend your honor,

To hoist your banner,

All the young people are ready.

Glorious motherland,

Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan!

National Holidays:          

The New Year's Day                                       January 1-2

The Women's Day                                          March 8

Novruz March                                                 20-24

The Victory Day over fascism                       May 9

The Republic Day                                           May 28

The Day of National Salvation of the Azerbaijani People              June15

The Armed Forces Day                                June 26

The National Independence Day               October 18

The State Flag Day of Azerbaijan              November 9

The Constitution Day                                  November 12

The National Revival Day                           November 17

The World Azerbaijanis Solidarity Day    December31


Religious holidays:         

Eid al-Adha (Gurban)     two days

Eid al-Fitr (Ramadan)     two days


Commemoration days:

20 January                                                  January 20

Khojaly genocide                                       February 26

The day of genocide of Azerbaijanis      March 31


Geographical data


86,6 thousand square km. The country is situated in the latitude 38° and 42° of north and in the longitude of 44° and 52° east, Baku is on the 40° parallel. The largest cities are Ganja, Sumgayit, Shaki, Mingachevir, Lankaran, Nakhchivan, Khankandi (currently under Armenian occupation).

Average annual temperature (2014)      + 13,4⁰C 

Maximum average temperature             + 28,5⁰C

Minimum average temperature              +2,9⁰C

Average annual quantity of   precipitations                387,7  mm                    


State borders:

It borders with Iran (765 km) and Turkey (15 km) in the south, with Russia (390 km) in the north, with Georgia (480 km) in the north-west, with Armenia (1007 km) in the west.

The length of the widest area of Azerbaijan section of the Caspian Sea is 456 km.

Total population: 9898.1 million.

State language: Azerbaijani


The religion in Azerbaijan is separated from state. All religions are equal before the law.

The majority of the population areis Muslims. At present, there are more than 2 thousand mosques, 13 churches and 7 synagogues in Azerbaijan.

Political system: Azerbaijan is a democratic, legal, secular and unitary republic.

The state power in the Republic of Azerbaijan is based on a principle of division of powers: In political system in terms of implementation of the state power Azerbaijan is a presidential republic.

The Head of State: President

The President of the Republic of Azerbaijan is elected for a 7-year term by way of general secret ballot. On April 11, 2018 Ilham Heydar oglu Aliyev was elected President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

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