Proposals of Public Council under State Migration Service were discussed with the participation of Service management

Chief of the State Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan, II rank state migration service counselor Firudin Nabiyev drew attention to significance attached to the activity of Public Council under SMS. As the head of state repeatedly emphasized important role of public control in increasing quality of the service was debated.

At the meeting Service chief spoke about significance of implementation of migration policy in our country, establishment of State Migration Service in 2007 by President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev when migration was not such complicated problem. It was proved with concrete acts that improved migration legislation was developed, Migration Code was adopted, but there is always need for constant harmonization of normative legal acts with development of society and from this point of view proposals of Public Council consisting of civil society are vital.

At the meeting where measures by the Service in fight against illegal migration, eradication of statelessness was discussed it was also notified that public awareness events, especially “Open Door” day civil forums held in the regions were met with satisfaction by the public.

Inhumane treatment towards migrants by Europe which is fussing about human rights and refugee influx which is a result of conflicting interests of various political circles, as well as processes occurring in the Middle East and progressive migration management model in Azerbaijan in vis-a-vis helplessness of Europe before migrant problem was discussed at the meeting as well.

Azar Allahveranov, Chair of Public Council under the State Migration Service gave information about proposals of the council.

Later on broad discussions were held around proposals drafted by Public Council under State Migration Service on expanding rights of foreigners and stateless persons, better protection of their legal interests, migration processes regulation and improving migration processes in our republic. Decision was made to ensure that the proposals, comprising of 6 section and 27 items, on strategy carried out in migration field, improvement of the current legislation, status of refugees and asylum seekers, rules of registration of migrants arriving in the country, increasing possibilities of cooperation in migration sphere, establishing advanced activity of the Public Council are summarized by relevant structural units of the Service and reflected in normative legal acts.