An info session of Public Council under State Migration Service was held  

On April 14 was held an info session dedicated to one year activity of Public Council under State Migration Service (SMS).

At info session the activity of Public Council under SMS established on May 2015 in different directions of migration field was looked through, achieved results and future perspectives were discussed.

Head of Public Council under SMS Azer Allahverenov stated in his speech that Public Council under SMS which was established on June 8, 2015 in accordance with “National Action Plan on promotion of open government for 2012-2015” and Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On public participation” acts within the strategy embracing responsibilities to be fulfilled on institutional, conceptual and operational bases. Activities on institutional base include approval of the Charter of Public Council, establishment and development of relation with state bodies, international and local public organizations, and creation of working bodies of the Council. Special attention is paid to creating efficient relations with relevant executive entities and making information exchange on this ground.

Activities on conceptual base embrace strengthening migration policy, as well as preparing proposals for the purpose of improving legislation related with enhancing rights of foreigners and stateless persons, protecting their legal interests, regulating migration processes and implementing state control over migration processes and other responsibilities in this regard. It was particularly mentioned that in November 2015 a proposal in 27 items was prepared and systemized for the purpose of strengthening policy in migration sphere and providing broad public participation. The proposal covers directions such as development of strategy pursued in migration sphere, improvement of legislation in this field, establishment of new components regarding legal frameworks of status of persons seeking for an asylum in Azerbaijan and registration procedures of visiting migrants, expanding cooperation opportunities between interested parties and improvement of Public Council’s activity.  22 of 27 items of the proposal have been considered and accepted. Works are going regarding fulfillment of responsibilities upon remaining 5 items.

Activities on operational concept refer to duties related directly with migrants and directed to handling their concerns. Through Public Council under SMS for 94 refugees and asylum seekers were organized courses on Azerbaijani language, 300 refugee families were rendered humanitarian and 68 refugees medical assistance. Besides that, up to 200 migrants were informed about different aspects of migration (as well as citizenship, temporary registration, visa supplement, and others) and necessary steps were taken related with forwarding this category people to SMS. Public Council under SMS pays special attention to public relations. Through the Council were organized 2 info sessions and 1 round table on public control. On up to 100 newspapers were published materials cited to members of the Council and on Facebook was opened official page of Public Council under SMS.

Secretary of Public Council under SMS Mammad Katanov, as well as representative of UNHCR legal department Sanan Hajiyev who bears observatory status and other guests phrased their opinion on issues raised at info session and put forward their proposals.