Meeting of Public Council under State Migration Service

On November 17 the next meeting of the Public Council under State Migration Service (SMS) was held at the administrative building of Baku Regional Migration Department. 

Alongside with the members of the Public Council, the representatives of SMS and some non-government organizations functioning in migration sphere also participated as observers in the meeting which was conducted in open discussion format. The agenda which was approved in compliance with the regulations contained the issues such as current activities of the Council, as well as the works done before the meeting, action plan for next coming months, perspectives of cooperation relations with relevant executive authorities functioning in migration sphere and other issues.      

Chair of the Public Council under SMS Azar Allahveranov gave information about the activities done since the last meeting. He stated that each public union which are members of the Council actively deal with migration issues in its sector of activity and at times bring the questions requiring discussion up for the Council and in case of necessity the Council files an application to SMS. Activity of the Public Council as a coordinating entity enables timely delivery of necessary information to SMS. Thus the Public Council succeeds in bridging ties between the public and SMS effectively. It was stated that through the passed period the Public Council implemented social and humanitarian support activities addressing interests of migrants, particularly refugees and asylum seekers.

Highlighting the importance of active participation of the Public Council under SMS in different directions, especially in solving actual issues related to labor migration, eradication of statelessness and specters of tourism overlapping with migration, Deputy chair of the Council Kamala Mammadova stated in her speech that organization of the round table, establishment of working groups, efficient exchange of opinion of interested parties is the demand of the time.     

Member of the Public Council Sahib Mammadov gave information on issues discussed at international events which he attended.

Giving information on assistance provided to migrants individually filing applications Secretary of the Council Mammad Katanov stated that a number of such applications were received during last months. The activities implemented in coordination with the administration of the Public Council were on relevant humanitarian support rendered mainly to migrants in need, as well as on organization of Azerbaijani language courses for them.

Chief of Migration Policy and Legal Support Head Department of State Migration Service, senior migration service counselor Vahid Gahramanov and Chief of Public Relations Department of State Migration Service, senior migration service counselor Nadir Ismayilov replied the raised questions in detail. It was mentioned that among others State Migration Service pays attention to raising awareness of wide range of the public, t this effect numerous public awareness events and “Open Door Days” are held in the regions. They underlined that State Migration Service is interested in active functioning of the Public Council.

Questions raised by Mahira Amirhuseynova, Sevda Mammadova and other participants who were attending the event as observers were replied.

At the end of the meeting a number of decisions were made on expanding and strengthening activity of the Public Council under the State Migration Service.