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Nowadays the Republic of Azerbaijan is turning from the country of origin to the country of destination. In order to form national legislation base and to adapt current legislation to modern requirements State Migration Service constantly takes significant measures and cooperates with different countries. Within its activity the State Migration Service constantly collaborates with International Organization for Migration (IOM), United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), European Union (EU), European Council (EC) and with relevant agencies of Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). The International Organization for Migration (IOM) presence in Azerbaijan dates back to 1996. IOM Baku office was established in 1996. In 1998 the Organization’s second field office was opened in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic; and on August 2006, IOM’s third office in the country was opened in Mingachevir. Agreement on Cooperation between the Republic of Azerbaijan and IOM was signed on November 8, 1999. Following the Agreement’s ratification by the Parliament of Azerbaijan on February 8, 2000, the Council of IOM agreed to accept Azerbaijan as an IOM Member State on June 7, 2001. All of these established legal bases for further development of friendly cooperation IOM and the Republic of Azerbaijan. Along with it trainings were held in Austria, Germany, Georgia and several meetings were organized on IOM’s initiative. Trainings on “Management of Labour Migration” and “Prevention of Illegal Migration” are held in the Republic of Azerbaijan. Within the frame of cooperation with IOM in 2007-2008 several trainings on management and regulation of migration were organized for employees of the State Migration Service.
In IOM’s initiative trainings on “National capacity building of and Complex approach to the incitement of migration through regional dialogues South Caucasus and European Union (EU)”, “Management of Labour Migration” and “Bases of migration management” within the frame of Creation of Integrated State Borders Model in the South borders of Azerbaijan are held in Georgia.
SMS employees have participated at the first meeting of Global Forum on “Migration and development issues”. At the same time SMS employees have participated in the following Working Groups:
• On summarizing of ”Agreement on main principles of cooperation in the sphere of CIS member states citizens’ migration”;
• On preparation proposals on coordinated migration policy of CIS Member States;
• Established according to the Activity Plan for 2007 on cooperation of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Azerbaijan in the sphere of involvement of Azerbaijani labour migrants to the labour activity in the Russian Federation on legal bases;
• On migration, human trafficking and IDPs;
• On Support Document to the system of integrated Border management in the South Caucasus.
At the same time with participating in the Working Groups leadership of the SMS participated at the meetings with the representatives of Austrian Federal Ministry of Interior, Switzerland Federal Department on migration, Norway migration Council, repatriation and Deportation Service of Kingdom of Netherlands, Ministry of Justice and Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation. During these meetings issues related to the migration management were discussed and some agreements on strengthening the relations were signed.

“Number of foreigners intending to visit the Republic of Azerbaijan will increase while Azerbaijan is developing.This can be considered as a positive factor for our country. However in any case we must prefer the interests of our state, people, citizens and this must be the priority direction of our migration policy.”

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